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    Discrimination in the Workplace

    Do you believe you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace? JPAK Employment Lawyers specializes in human rights and workplace discrimination cases. We advise and represent clients in negotiating an out-of-court resolution and if necessary, in commencing legal proceedings.

    Under human rights laws, employers are legally required to treat employees equally, regardless of the individual’s personal attributes, such as race, disability, religion, age, gender (including pregnancy), family status, marital status and sexual orientation.

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    Employees must be given equal rights and equal opportunities, without discrimination, with respect to workplace decisions such as hiring, promotion, layoffs, transfers, pay increases, bonus, overtime opportunities, rewards, evaluation, and opportunities for recognition

    If you are asserting that you are a victim of discrimination, you bear the onus of proving discrimination. In reality, this is not a simple task. Discrimination can be difficult to detect and to prove in court. Very rarely does a manager openly express their biases. More often than not, discrimination is subtle and closeted. JPAK Employment Lawyers know what it takes to successfully advance a human rights claim, negotiate a fair outcome and if necessary, to commence legal proceedings.

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