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    Employment Contract Review & Negotiations

    Before signing on the dotted line, it is wise to seek legal advice about your employment contract from a labour and employment lawyer. JPAK Employment Lawyers advise and represents individuals in employment contract negotiations.

    Beyond the financial terms of the contract, there are likely to be terms in the contract that impact, limit or reduce your legal entitlements. More often than not, employees, even sophisticated executives, are not adequately informed about the legal implications of the contract when they enter into these negotiations.

    Do not gloss over the ‘fine print’. Understand the contract terms, how they impact your rights, your obligations and understand the important terms that should be negotiated.

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    We are often consulted after a breakdown or termination of the employment relationship. Clients are often surprised to learn, only too late, about the onerous conditions in the employment contract that may negatively impact their entitlements, or which may impose onerous non-compete or non-solicitation obligations after the employment relationship has ended.

    In employment law the most contentious terms in employment contracts are typically:

    • Termination clauses
    • Non-compete and non-solicitation restrictions; and
    • Incentive or equity compensation, including restricted share units, option agreements and share grants;

    Consult with JPAK Employment Lawyers about your employment contract.

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