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    Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Restrictions

    Are you concerned about a non-compete agreement interfering with your career and livelihood? Have you received a threatening cease and desist letter or a statement of claim from your former employer, seeking an injunction and monetary damages against you?

    If enforced, non-compete and non-solicitation restrictions can be very onerous. They interfere with your ability to secure new employment in your field, to start a new business, to make use of your professional connections, or to pursue a career in your industry.

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    Get legal advice from an employment lawyer. JPAK Employment Lawyers specializes in non-solicitation and non-compete agreements. We will review the extent of your post-employment obligations, if any, and develop a strategy that minimizes your risk of potential liability.

    Do not assume that you have to take an automatic timeout on your career. Enforceability of these restrictions will be assessed based on the reasonableness, geographic scope, and duration of the restrictions. The reality is that many of these types of clauses have vulnerabilities with respect to their legal enforceability.

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