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Madeline Da Costa

Law Clerk/Legal Assistant


With a fierce drive and can-do attitude, Madeline is a passionate Law Clerk/Legal Assistant who always rises to the occasion. She is determined to use her 6 years of legal knowledge and experience under her belt to help others. Madeline has earned a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in the field of Criminology and a diploma from a well-regarded law clerk program. 

In addition to successfully completing three law clerk internships in corporate law and civil litigation, Madeline sat on the Loblaw Intern Committee where she planned and hosted events for over 100 summer interns. During her studies, she also took the time to mentor 7 first-year students by providing them with valuable advice, encouragement and a friendly environment. 

Madeline’s main strength is her ability to engage with clients and assist them in navigating the legal processes. She is eager to get to know clients and their situations to the fullest extent, so that she is well equipped to assist the legal team and clients with obtaining their desired outcome.

Outside of the office, Madeline enjoys watching true crime documentaries, exploring new hiking trails, acrylic painting and hanging out with friends and family.