About Us

Our Commitment To Clients

We specialize only in employment and labour law. We do not run a volume-based practice, or provide cookie cutter solutions. Every client is different, and we will take the time to know you, your case and your priorities. We will provide you with frank, pragmatic advice with a view to a timely, fair and cost-effective resolution of your case.

We recognize that most clients prefer a quick, negotiated settlement. For a variety of reasons, not every case will settle right away, and if the case warrants it, we will escalate to legal proceedings. We are not gun shy. Both in court and out of court, we fiercely advocate for our clients, and will vigorously work toward successfully achieving a fair outcome for you.

Our Fees

We offer a variety of fee structures, depending on the nature of the case, including: hourly fees, block fees, fee deferrals, as well as contingency fee retainers.

There should be no surprises when it comes to your fees. We are up front about the expected legal costs pertaining to your case.

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