Employment & Labour Lawyers in Markham

JPak Employment Lawyers is an employment law firm that serves Markham with services tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Because each person’s concerns are unique, we are the Markham employment lawyers who make it a priority to take the time to learn about each client and their specific goals.

Whether the issue at hand is related to a wrongful dismissal, a severance package, an employment contract, a constructive dismissal, human rights or any number of employment issues, we pride ourselves on providing frank, pragmatic legal advice with a view to finding timely, fair and cost-effective case resolutions. And while we recognize that most clients prefer a quick, negotiated settlement, not all cases come to a speedy resolution. That is why we are prepared to escalate to legal proceedings when appropriate.

Both in court and out of court, our employment law team advocates fiercely for each one of our clients, and as your law firm, we will work both diligently and forcefully toward achieving a fair outcome for you. If you need legal advice, JPak Employment Lawyers are the Markham employment lawyers you will want fighting in your corner. Let us put our expertise to work for you and book a consultation with one of our trusted employment lawyers today!

Whether you work at a small shop on Main Street Unionville or at one of the several telecommunications and computer technology companies headquartered in Markham, if you have recently encountered an issue at work that may require the services of an employment lawyer to resolve, or if you have questions about your legal rights and responsibilities, we are the Markham employment lawyers to consult.

To meet our clients’ unique needs, we offer a variety of fee structures as well as flexible appointment times and formats including secure videoconferencing. Let our law firm be your law firm!