If you have been wrongfully dismissed, JPak Employment Lawyers know what it takes to negotiate and resolve your wrongful

Have you been terminated? Have you been given an imminent deadline to sign a ‘release’ in exchange for a severance

Have there been significant changes to the terms of your employment? Do you feel forced to resign because the workplace is

Workplace bullying and harassment has no place in Ontario. JPak Employment Lawyers will help you understand and uphold your rights

Under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000, employees are eligible to take a job protected leave to care for or support for

If you cannot perform all of the functions of your job because you suffer from a disability, your employer has a legal obligation to

Do you believe you are a victim of workplace discrimination? JPak Employment Lawyers specialize in human rights and

Before signing on the dotted line, it is wise to seek legal advice about your employment contract from a labour and employment lawyer.

In Ontario, the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the “ESA”) is legislation that sets out basic employment rights and protections.

A fiduciary is typically someone who is a “key person” within the company, who by virtue for their position, has discretion or power,

Questions about termination pay or just cause dismissal in Ontario? Let JPak Employment Lawyers represent you to protect your reputation and future

Let the experts at JPak Employment Lawyers answer your questions about parental, paternity or pregnancy leave in Ontario. Call

Are you concerned about a non-compete agreement interfering with your career and livelihood?

With the onset of sophisticated technologies to monitor employees, workplace privacy is increasingly a legal issue.

JPak Employment Lawyers are experts on matters related to workplace sexual harassment. Know your rights, let us advise and

Are you under investigation? Have you been accused of misconduct? A workplace investigation can result in disciplinary sanction or dismissal.