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    Severance Negotiations

    Have you been terminated? Have you been given an imminent deadline to sign a ‘release’ in exchange for a severance package? Is your severance package fair from a legal perspective?

    Get legal advice from a labour and employment lawyer. JPAK Employment Lawyers will consult with you regarding your legal rights and your options. You may be entitled to significantly more compensation than what your former employer has offered. We have successfully represented individuals in severance negotiations with employers, from large corporations, to mid-size or small companies. We know what it takes to maximize your financial outcomes.

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    What is a Fair Severance Package?

    Pursuant to the common law, fair and reasonable severance is not determined by a severance calculator, nor is it based upon a pre-determined formula based strictly on your years of service.  In the vast majority of cases, lawful severance will depend on a variety of factors, including (among other things) the employee’s age, position, length of service and the availability of comparable jobs.  This is not an exhaustive list of factors and there could be other relevant considerations that may impact your severance entitlement.

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