Wrongful Dismissal Explained

Employers can let their employees go for a number of reasons, and they have the right to terminate the employment of a non-union employee at any time on a without cause basis. As an employer, if you intend to terminate the employment relationship with an employee, you have a duty to provide the employee with advance notice of the termination, or payment in lieu, something commonly referred to as a termination package or a “severance package.”

There are two general categories of wrongful dismissal cases:

1. The employer provides insufficient notice or severance; or
2. The employer improperly asserts “cause” for dismissal, based on allegations of misconduct or poor performance.

Employees may also have concerns about fairness and transparency related to a termination. For instance, if the employer acted in bad faith or if there were discriminatory reasons for the termination, an employee may be entitled to additional compensation.

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